©Pablo Picasso - Cat and Lobster 1965

Picasso Cat and Lobster 1965
Cat and Lobster
1965 73x100cm oil/canvas
Fondation Beyeler, Switzerland

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From Fondation Beyeler, Switzerland:
This vivaciously painted work belongs to a group of paintings dating from January 1965 which all share the same subject, a mundane day-to-day occurrence that probably held personal significance for Picasso: a cat greedily eying a lobster. Typically for his late style, Picasso has suggested the contours of the lobster with black lines, as if drawing in paint. Especially striking is the work’s vibrant colour; in particular, the play of contrasts between the red and the green gives the picture an idiosyncratic sense of space. In the same vein, Picasso has also written his signature in green on the red ground.