©Pablo Picasso - 1934 Bullfight

Picasso 1934 Bullfight 33x41
1934 33x41cm oil/canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA,USA

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From Philadelphia Museum of Art:
Picasso was fascinated by the Spanish tradition of the corrida, or bullfight in the ring, during which skillful matadors and picadors struggle with proud and ferocious beasts in a fight to the death. Bullfighting imagery appears throughout the artist's career, including this turbulent painting that Picasso made after taking his wife, Olga, and his son Paolo to bullfights in Barcelona, Madrid, and San Sebastián, Spain, in the summer of 1934, during what would be his last visit to his native country. Completed in September 1934 after the family returned to France, this brightly colored painting captures the pageantry, spectacle, and high drama of the corrida.