©Pablo Picasso - 1911-1912 Bottle, Glass, Fork

Picasso 1911-1912 Bottle, Glass, Fork
Bottle, Glass, Fork
1911-1912 72x52cm oil/canvas
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, USA

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From The Cleveland Museum of Art:
By 1911, Picasso's Cubist paintings began to approach total abstraction. This still life depicts a corked bottle, a wine glass, a folded newspaper, a knife, and a fork on a table. Always wanting to remain connected to the real world, Picasso began inserting fragmentary words and numbers with personal and political meanings. The fe 20 may refer to Café 20, a favorite meeting place for artists. EAN above [P]ARIS may allude to the anarchist newspaper L'Intransigeant.