©Pablo Picasso - Josep Fondevila 1906

Picasso Josep Fondevila 1906
Josep Fondevila
1906 45x40cm oil/canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

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From Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:
Josep Fondevila was the nonagenarian innkeeper at Cal Tampanada, the modest lodging where Picasso and Fernande Olivier stayed in Gósol. Picasso liked him immediately, perhaps seeing in him a grandfatherly and approving figure as his relationship with Fernande deepened to something resembling a marriage. Fernande described Fondevila as "a fierce old fellow, a former smuggler, with a strange, wild beauty. He's over ninety but has kept his hair, and although his teeth are worn down to the gums, they are very white and not one of them is missing or has ever been damaged. He's difficult and cantankerous with everyone else but always good-humored with Pablo, whose portrait of him is very lifelike." According to Fernande, Picasso was "spell-bound as a child" listening to Fondevila's smuggling stories.