©Pablo Picasso - Portrait of Manuel Pallares 1909

Picasso Portrait of Manuel Pallares 1909
Portrait of Manuel Pallares
1909 67x49cm oil/canvas
Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI, USA

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Manuel Pallares and Grau (Horta de Sant Joan, Terra Alta, March 6, 1876 - Barcelona, 1974) was a painter and independent academic style, and best friend of Picasso. He studied drawing and painting at Tortosa Market of Barcelona, where he met Picasso in 1895. He was assistant José Ruiz Blasco, Picasso's father, in Halle.
He was the third child of a family of four brothers: Joseph, Carmen, larger and smaller Salvador. His father wanted his service for housework, especially administrative. The Pallarès had some land and a mill where the oil manufactured from top quality in that region. Manuel Pallares, who liked, especially hunting, he learned very early work in the field and was a very strong guy. He remembers that loading shoulder bags hundred pounds. But Manuel showed, a teenager at the same school, a great liking to drawing, and was also thanks to his tenacity, helped by his mother and encouraged by some friends of the family, his father decided - or resign to take him to study drawing and sculpture in Tortosa, with master Cerveto.