©Pablo Picasso - Femme assise. Seated Woman 1936

Picasso Femme assise. Seated Woman 1936
Femme assise. Seated Woman
1936 73x60cm oil/canvas
New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Art Gallery

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From Yale University Art Gallery:
Pablo Picasso painted Femme assise after a one-year hiatus from painting, during which he turned to writing and penned more than one hundred poems. When he resumed painting in April 1936, he created a rapid succession of images inspired by his mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, including this work, which is marked by anatomic confusion and high-keyed color. Green-yellow sunlight burns through the window to the left of the figure, its garish brightness casting a deep purple shadow under her eye and down her cheek. To her right, Picasso inserted his own shadowy profile, overlapping this trace of his self with hers–though his profile faces away from the sun’s punishing glare.