©Pablo Picasso - A blue acrobat 1929

Picasso A blue acrobat 1929
A blue acrobat
1929 162x130cm oil/canvas
Paris, Musée national d’art moderne

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During the winter of 1929–30 Picasso revisited the subject of acrobats from his Rose Period, and he painted six variations on the theme. The chronological order of the series is established by the dates the artist wrote on the back of his pictures and by related drawings. Blue Acrobat (Paris, Musée national d’art moderne), which is missing from Zervos’s catalogue raisonné, was the first picture painted, in November 1929. Following this were Acrobat, dated 18 January 1930 (Paris, Musée Picasso); the present work and its counterpart, painted on wood the following day; The Painter, completed on 20 January; and Composition of 21 January, which concluded the series.